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Dynex in 10 Layman’s Terms

  1. Dynex operates a decentralised supercomputing platform
  2. It is utilising the combined computational power of all its miners to perform computing jobs
  3. This is achieved with a proprietary Proof-of-Useful-Work (PoUW) mining algorithm (DynexSolve)
  4. Dynex’s customers buy computation time on the Dynex Network with the native coin DNX
  5. DNX is therefore a true utility coin, based on a native level-1 block chain
  6. Not only is Dynex’ network quite large (around 50,000,000 active chips currently) it is also computing more efficiently than other systems, thus making it very attractive for companies and organisations to use
  7. Since Ethereum discontinued POW mining, a lot of GPU hardware became dormant – Dynex provides a true alternative to use that hardware in a meaningful way
  8. As a result, energy is being used efficiently, making Dynex also a sustainable and green coin
  9. Dynex is a true public project: 100% public allocation, no pre-mine or ICO
  10. Because of Dynex’s business model, miner rewards will always be substantial – also beyond the time when all blocks have been mined