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Dynex Release Notes

Dynex Version 1.4.2

  • Versions: Windows, MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu 22) binaries and Git
  • Fix: If a simplewallet was just used as a “forwarding wallet”, meaning all incoming transactions have just been forwarded to another wallet (f.e. to an exchange), the amount of unmixable dust eventually became equal to the balance. This leads to the rare circumstance that building up the one-time-ring-signature with multiple previous outputs fails. In this case the transaction will be now constructed entirely based out of the unmixable dust to make sure the transfer succeeds. For example:

Dynex Version 1.4.1

  • Versions: Windows, MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu 22) binaries and Git
  • Optimisation to resolve “internal node error” in rare cases when sending with simplewallet or walletd

Dynex Version 1.4.0

Dynexd Daemon & Payment Gate Service

  • Checkpoint method introduced to ensure nodes are perfected in sync
  • Additional transaction verifications (fee amount, fusion transactions, in/out-put keys, blob size, etc.)
  • Transaction throughput and authenticity improved
  • Additional measurements to include memory transactions in block templates
  • Now 25 available dynexd RPC commands (see RpcServer.cpp for details)
  • Now 28 available walletd RPC commands (see PaymentServiceJsonRpcServer.cpp for details)
  • Additional CLI commands: ban, print_ban, ubnan – to restrict IP addresses from accessing the node
  • Additional CLI commands: status, print_diff, print_mp – to display node status and information
  • Additional startup arguments:  –enable-cors, –view-key, –load-checkpoints, –rollback, –sync-from-zero, –contact (use –help for additional information)
  • set_log 0 bug fixed, working now


  • Improved status updates, synchronisation with the node and cosmetic fixes
  • Additional startup arguments: –restore (to recover a wallet using mnemonic seed or raw keys), –mnemonic-seed (to specify a mnemonic seed), –show-seed (to retrieve the wallet’s recovery phrase)
  • New menu option to restore and backup with a paper-wallet
  • New menu option to import a tracking wallet
  • New menu option to import a wallet from keys
  • Additional CLI command: –get_reserve_proof to generate a signature proving ownership of xxx DNX
  • Additional CLI command: –get_tx_proof (to generate proof-of-payment) and –get_tx_key (to retrieve the secret transaction key for a transaction)
  • Additional CLI commands: –sign_message to sign a message with the key)
  • Additional CLI commands: –estimate-fusion and –optimize commands to fuse small outputs into few larger ones, and –sweep_dust to sweep unmixable dust
  • Now 21 available walletd RPC commands (see WalletRpcServer.cpp for details) including transaction proofs, reserve proofs, signing of messages and fusion

Security Related

  • Implemented prevention of Verge-like offline timestamp attacks with Poisson probability check
  • Implemented prevention of a RingCT DoS attack (Monero labs)
  • Implemented block template generation with invalid timestamps (Jagerman)
  • Additional prevention mechanisms for currently undisclosed attack schemes